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What to expect if ordered supervised probation in Texas

On Behalf of | May 14, 2021 | Criminal defense

When you are released for probation, you are expected to follow certain basic behaviors and conditions. Part of these expectations include keeping the probation officers informed of any improvements that you make. Read below to learn more about what you can expect when you are ordered for supervised probation in Texas.

The probation officer will come to visit you

Your personal residence needs to be approved by your probation officer, and you need to make sure that you alert them to any changes should you need to move. Ideally, you should alert your probation officer within 10 days. However, if unexpected circumstances come up, you should inform your probation officer within a 72-hour time frame.

Your probation officer has employment expectations

In most cases, the probation officer will expect you to work full time unless he or she excuses you. Much like your place of residence, you will need to inform your probation officer a minimum of 10 days before you change your place of employment. You must also inform your probation officer of any changes in your work responsibilities. Again, if unforeseeable circumstances happen, you need to inform your probation officer within 72 hours.

Follow all of the instructions that your probation officer gives to you

After you show up to the probation office, you will get instructions on when you need to meet up with your probation officer and how you must report your progress. In many cases, your probation officer will instruct you to stay away from individuals you know who have committed crimes or engaged in other forms of criminal activity. Another common instruction that you may receive is that if you are questioned by a corrections officer, you need to let your probation officer know of this within three days.

Getting released on probation is an exciting yet intimidating time. However, if you take the time to know what is expected of you, you are much more likely to complete your term successfully. Your probation officer will tell you additional instructions for your personal situation.