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Houston Attorney Handling Aggravated Assault Cases

Assault is defined as unwelcome physical contact or a threat of violence to another person.

Due to the implication of violence associated with assaultive offenses, the prosecution usually takes these types of cases very seriously. Assaultive offenses in Texas are penalized by fines and incarceration.

If you were accused of an assaultive offense, you’ll need a dedicated and fierce attorney on your side. You need someone who has the time and energy to prepare the best possible defense for you. Paul Morgan is that attorney. I provide serious representation for serious people. If you need to talk with me about your situation, call the office at 281-346-4351.

Assault & Texas Law

Simple assault is a misdemeanor criminal offense. Texas laws distinguish three classes of misdemeanor assaults – C, B and A misdemeanors. Class C misdemeanor classification is applied to the least injurious assaults. The offense is committed by threatening physical harm to or engaging in offensive bodily contact with another person.

A person can be charged with Class A misdemeanor assault if they caused bodily injury that was inflicted intentionally, knowingly or recklessly. Misdemeanor assaults are punished by fines and jail time as the level of the severity of the offense increases. Assaults involving serious injury or the use of a weapon are enhanced to aggravated assault, a felony in the state of Texas.

Aggravated Assault & Texas Law

Per the Texas Penal Code, a person commits aggravated assault if the aggressor seriously injures another or if, while committing the assault, the aggressor exhibits or uses a firearm or other dangerous weapon. All aggravated assaults are classified as felony offenses and are punishable by time in prison and hefty fines.

Criminal Penalties If Convicted

Simple Assault

A simple Class C assault is punished by a fine of up to $500.00. The fine rapidly increases up to $2,000 and 180 days in jail if you commit a Class B simple assault. Class B misdemeanor assaults recognize and penalize inappropriate, retaliatory conduct in sports. If the misdemeanor assault involves bodily injury, you have committed a Class A misdemeanor. Class A misdemeanor assaults are punishable by up to a year in jail and a $4,000 fine granted that no other aggravating circumstances are present.

Aggravated Assault

Aggravated assaults are felonies in the second or first degree. The fines for first- and second-degree aggravated assault felonies max out at $10,000, but the length of the prison sentence increases. A conviction of second-degree aggravated assault carries a minimum two-year, maximum 20-year prison sentence.

Depending on the seriousness of the injuries, testimony and evidence, it’s possible for a life sentence to be adjudged. This is especially true if you lack suitable legal counsel for your case. Securing legal representation by a proven attorney with a record of winning is paramount if you were accused of aggravated assault in Houston.

Facing Charges For Aggravated Assault? Contact Attorney Paul Morgan Today!

I have experience handling and litigating violent offenses. I provide high-quality representation to those facing an accusation of violation. Usually, these types of cases require artfully and delicately investigating and cross-examining a victim. If you wish to come in and discuss your case, please schedule a consultation with me.

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