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Probation & Parole Violation Cases In Houston

If you’re facing the possibility of the revocation of your probation due to a violation of the terms of that probation, you’ll need legal representation as soon as possible. When there’s a chance that you could be imprisoned the stakes are high, which results in panic, mental anguish and fear.

Paul Morgan, an experienced Houston criminal trial lawyer, can help you.

Fighting for defendants who are facing the threat of being returned to prison is one of the ways we’re most helpful. If you’re determined to have violated the terms of your probation or parole by the state, you could face new criminal penalties and reimprisonment.

I’m here to help you if you got caught between a rock and a hard place.

Failure to keep in contact with your probation/parole officer, failing substance abuse tests, not keeping up with financial obligations, and failure to complete community service responsibilities are examples of violations that could lead to a motion to revoke your parole or probation being introduced to the court.

The state of Texas isn’t interested in jailing someone who can operate within society, and they need to keep space for people who need to be in prison. In the course of defending your rights and providing an effective legal defense for you, we’ll make sure the state of Texas knows that you aren’t one of those people.

To contact my office, call my west Houston location at 281-346-4351 or send me a confidential message using our contact form.

Motions To Adjudicate Guilt

Houston Lawyer For Probation Reinstatement

If you accepted deferred adjudication or probation in place of going to jail, and you were found to be in violation of the terms of those agreements, your probation officer may file a motion to adjudicate guilt. If this has happened, you’ll likely be returned to jail to serve out your sentence and will be responsible for any other penalties that may apply to you.

If you’re facing detainment for violating the terms of your community supervision agreement or violated the terms of your deferred adjudication, my office is interested in meeting with you and discussing your options.

To reach the law office, call 281-346-4351 or send the firm an email at your earliest opportunity. The sooner you get an experienced lawyer working your case, the better your chances of obtaining post-conviction relief.

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