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Defense Against Serious Drug Manufacture And Delivery Charges

In Texas, “Manufacture or Delivery of a Controlled Substance” is the criminal charge applied to offenses involving the dealing/selling of illegal drugs and controlled substances. With the so-called “War on Drugs” in full swing, there’s no shortage of defendants charged with drug-related offenses in Houston.

Criminal penalties associated with drug dealing offenses can range from a few years to life in prison. In some instances, fines associated with convictions for selling drugs or trafficking in controlled substances can reach $250,000.00.

I’m attorney Paul Morgan, a seasoned criminal defense lawyer for “accused” drug offenders who understands what’s at stake for people accused of serious crimes. I also understand the ways in which it may impact their families. I’m an experienced drug crimes lawyer with comprehensive experience handling criminal cases of this magnitude.

If you have questions, I’m always available to my clients. To schedule a meeting with me to review your case at no charge, call me. My phone number is 281-346-4351.

Texas Law & Drug Manufacture And Delivery Cases

Title 6 of the Texas Health and Safety Code is explicit in its definition of drug manufacture and delivery.

Manufacture has a broad definition that entails the creation and/or packaging of controlled substances or “simulated” controlled substances.

Delivery can mean any form of transaction related to the drug, including distribution or the facilitation of such.

Civil Asset Forfeiture

If the state of Texas can prove that the defendant spent or invested any of the proceeds gained from the dealing of drugs, that’s a different felony offense. Also, police are allowed to seize any property used or intended for use in connection with the drug enterprise.

If you used your car to deliver drugs, kept any of the drugs in your home, or used any of the proceeds from the enterprise to pay for your home or other property, it can be seized. Police rarely run across assets that they’re reluctant to seizing. Furthermore, Civil Asset Forfeiture is a civil action, meaning that the defendant doesn’t have to be convicted of a criminal offense to have their property seized (stolen) by the government.

As far as criminal penalties are concerned, the severity of the penalty associated with the offense can be as light as a State Jail Felony (six months to two years), or as severe as an enhanced First-Degree Felony (10 to 99 years). With the exception of small amounts of marijuana, manufacture or delivery of any controlled substance is a felony in Texas. If you or a loved one was arrested and charged with such an offense, you’ll need legal representation as soon as possible. Attorney Paul Morgan is ready to help.

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I have numerous defense options and strategies for people who are innocent of drug dealing accusations and for those who are guilty as charged.

I will provide you with high-quality representation and advice when you are making the decision to fight for your life or to work out a deal with the prosecution. If fighting is what you desire, then I will give it everything I got.

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