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Paul Morgan Law Office, PLLC – Strong Defense Against Criminal Charges

When facing criminal charges, you need a strong defense, an attorney who knows the law and who will do what it takes to protect your rights.

I am Paul Matthew Morgan, an attorney providing strong criminal defense for clients throughout the Houston, Texas, area. I take an aggressive approach to uncovering anything that might help my clients get justice in their cases. I am a board certified Texas criminal law attorney by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. When all hope seems lost in your case, I will keep fighting for you.

In The Press

I have been mentioned regularly in the press for my various case wins and settlements to help my clients avoid jail time and other penalties.

  • In one of my cases, in addition to defending my client, I ended up getting an elected official indicted.
  • In another case, an entire police precinct was audited because of the evidence I uncovered.
  • In one case, I uncovered payments being made to witnesses for their testimonies.

These are just a few examples of the press mentions I’ve received for my work uncovering any evidence that could help me defend my client’s rights. There are many times when the Texas justice system gets it right, follows the proper procedures and prosecutes the guilty party. However, there are far too many times the system gets it wrong and starts pushing an innocent man or woman.

That’s when I get involved.

When you hire Paul Morgan Law Office, PLLC, the arresting officer, the prosecuting attorney and everyone else might just regret their decision.

Unless an attorney gets results, all the degrees, accolades and awards in the world don’t mean anything. As an experienced lawyer, I get results for my clients.

If you have been arrested, or even if you know you are under investigation, I can help protect your rights against a powerful system bent on stripping your freedoms and liberties.

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