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Arrest For Auto Theft?

It’s not uncommon for a person to be arrested for auto theft, or as the offense is formally referred to in Houston, Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle. There are many circumstances that can lead to a person being arrested for auto theft.

Joyriding, borrowing someone’s vehicle only to have them forget that they gave you permission, or being caught in a vehicle that was reported stolen, are only a few of the circumstances that could lead to an arrest for stealing a car or another motored vehicle.

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Auto Theft & Texas Law

Auto theft is either prosecuted as a Theft Offense, with the severity of the criminal classification and punishment being contingent on the value of the vehicle, as Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle, or, rarely, both.

Unauthorized Use Of Motor Vehicle (UUMV)

In order to secure a conviction, the Harris County District Attorney’s Office must prove that the defendant knowingly or intentionally operated a vehicle (boat, airplane, car, truck, motorcycle, any motor-propelled vehicle) without the consent of the actual owner. While this offense doesn’t imply an intent to steal the vehicle for financial gain, it’s filed under the Texas theft code as an offense against property.

If convicted, the defendant’s penalties will be assessed under State Jail Felony guidelines that carry a sentence of six months’ to two years’ state jail and/or a fine of up to $10,000.00.

Auto Theft Cases

While some states charge auto theft as “Grand Theft Auto,” there’s no explicit criminal charge for auto theft in Texas. Instead, the offense is charged as theft and criminally classified based on the value deprived of the victim.

EXAMPLE: A person who steals a vehicle can be charged with a misdemeanor so long as the vehicle stolen was less than $1,500.00 in value. Since almost all vehicles are worth more than $1,500.00, if you were accused of stealing a vehicle other than an old jalopy, you’ll likely be charged with a felony.

Accused Of Auto Theft In Houston? Call Attorney Paul Morgan For Help Today

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