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Child Assault And Child Abuse Defense

Anytime a person is accused of an assaultive offense against a child they’ll face serious criminal charges which can be life-changing if they’re found guilty of the crime in the court of law. The State of Texas will relentlessly prosecute you if you are accused of violence against a child. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the incident or the accusation of such, you’ll need legal counsel to defend you against prosecution.

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Texas Law And Assaultive Offenses Against Children

When a child, elderly, disabled person or person who can’t reasonably be expected to have the capability of defending themselves is assaulted, the State of Texas considers this an assaultive offense with aggravating circumstances. This standard also applies to public servants. The defendant will be charged with Aggravated Assault, a felony offense in the state of Texas.

A child is defined as any person under 14 years of age. In some domestic violence theaters, children suffer neglect and child abuse, which can lead to Aggravated Assault charges being filed if the DA’s offices catch wind of it. If charges are filed, you’ll need to secure legal representation as the criminal penalties are always stiff for felony assault cases.

The severity of the offense against the person will dictate the criminal classification of the crime and the punishment for the offender. In general, assaults on children are 2nd Degree Felony offenses which carry a sentence that can range from 2-to-20 years. False accusations, misunderstandings, and the weaponization of lies during marital disputes can lead to false charges of child abuse – and a prison sentence with a fine.

If you’re facing a child-assault charge, you’ll need a strong advocate in your corner with an impressive history of victories. Attorney Paul Morgan is a strong advocate.

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Crafting a defense to fight back against an accusation of child abuse takes time and effort. These cases involve a deep knowledge base of multiple studies, including biomechanics, child psychology and forensic interviewing.

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