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Indecency With A Child: A Serious Criminal Charge

Sex crimes against children are different and seen as the worst form of crime. Offenses of this nature pit the emotions of those in the know against the accused, even before criminal charges are formally filed or the facts laid out.

There have been as many cases of parents, or their children, falsely alleging that they were molested as those who were actually molested. When allegations of a sex crime involving a child are made, you should consult with an attorney immediately.

Attorney Paul M. Morgan is a battle-ready defense lawyer with a number of verified successes fighting criminal charges of highly consequential magnitude. If you were accused of child molestation, formally referred to as “Indecency with a Child,” you’ll need legal representation immediately. Witnesses must be interviewed, evidence examined and a defense strategy crafted for your situation.

Initial case reviews are available and all communications are 100% confidential. To contact attorney Paul Morgan, call 281-346-4351.

Indecency With A Child & Texas Law

A person commits the offense of “Indecency With A Child” if contact, whether physical or otherwise, is sexual in nature. In fact, the law offers two different criminal classifications based on whether physical contact occurred or not.

Criminal Penalties

Indecency with a child by exposure is a Third-Degree Felony that carries a potential prison sentence ranging from two to 10 years TDCJ. The offense is committed if the accused exposed their genitals while the child is present, or caused the child to expose their genitals.

Indecency with a child by physical contact is a Second-Degree Felony that carries a potential prison sentence of two to 20 years TDCJ. The offense occurs when sexual contact is made with any part of a child’s body by the sexual organs of the offender or vice verse. This crime occurs whether the contact occurred over the clothing or under the clothing.

Accused Of Child Molestation In Houston? Attorney Paul Morgan Will Stand By Your Side

Accusations of a sex crime involving a child are serious, and deserve immediate action on your part. Your reputation, career, life, family and freedom are on the line.

Attorney Paul M. Morgan has the experience your case will need. We’ll give your case the attention it deserves. To contact Attorney Paul Morgan don’t hesitate to call the law office direct, at 281-346-4351 or send us an email.

Attorney Paul M. Morgan offers affordable payment plans and is serious about providing effective legal representation to individuals accused of sex crimes in Houston. Your initial consultation is at no charge. Paul will be honest with you about your options, whether good or bad, and his ability to serve your best interest.