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Shoplifting Is A Serious Charge

Shoplifting is a serious, but minor theft offense than can put anyone in a difficult and embarrassing predicament, whether guilty or not.

Imagine shopping in your favorite department store only to be surprised by in-store security, accused of theft, and paraded around in front of other shoppers as if you’re some kind of a criminal. It happens all the time.

I am well aware of the nuances associated with effectively defending people accused of theft crimes like shoplifting. We’ll conduct our own investigation to determine the direction of your case. If you need to talk with me, place a quick friendly phone call to Houston criminal defense lawyer Paul Morgan by calling 281-346-4351.

Shoplifting & The State Of Texas

Prosecuting Shoplifters

Most shoplifting cases are hardly prosecutable. When they are, it’s difficult for jurors to convict because witnesses and evidence are usually hard to come by. In most instances, just to put the matter behind them, defendants will plead guilty. They’ll also make deals with prosecutors, which involve paying a small fine and accepting probation so they can move on with their lives quicker rather than later.

You should not do this.

Shoplifting is a crime of moral turpitude which, if uncovered by future employers or business associates during background checks or other screenings, may call into question your character. Such a revelation and/or an assumption about the nature of your character can be far more penalizing in life than anything the state of Texas could do to you for such a minor offense.

Criminal Penalties

The state of Texas is harsh on defendants accused of theft when they’re found guilty. Oftentimes, shoplifting cases are classified as misdemeanors.

However, if the item or items that were the subject of the shoplifting attempt are determined to be higher in value than $1,500.00, felony charges will apply. If found guilty, you could be subject to a prison sentence ranging from six months to two years for low-end felony theft, and up to 10 years for high-value shoplifting offenses.

Accused Of Shoplifting In Houston? Call Attorney Paul Morgan For Defense Support

If you or a person close to you was accused of shoplifting, it’s important to understand that mistakes occur. No one is presumed guilty in the United States of America outside of a fair trial.

Your reputation is on the line.

I am ready to hear from you if you’re in need of serious legal representation. Whether you were accused of writing a bad check or changing prices on an item in a department store, or if you’re seeking help for a friend or family member. Call me at 281-346-4351 or email today. Your initial consultation is free.

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