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Under Investigation For A Drug Conspiracy In Houston?

Federal drug conspiracy charges are among the most frequently charged federal crimes per the NCJRS. An innocent person can easily be swept into a federal drug bust on conspiracy charges by being in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people.

For example; The act of accepting car keys to a vehicle with cocaine in the trunk, owned by a known cartel or gang member, could be interpreted as an implicit agreement regardless of your awareness of the fact.  The government considers the crime of conspiracy complete upon agreement between two or more parties.

If charged with such drug conspiracy or any other federal crime, you’ll need a lawyer on your side who has experience in the federal arena. Attorney Paul Morgan is the type of lawyer you’ll need as counsel. If you need to contact an attorney to discuss your situation, don’t hesitate to call Paul Morgan at 281-346-4351.

Federal Drug Conspiracy Cases

It’s not necessary for the defendant to have engaged in the prohibited conduct to meet the federal government’s legal definition of conspiracy. A federal drug conspiracy charge can be brought on the basis of an ‘agreement’ with another person to commit any offense or act against the government.

Most drug dealings and distribution charges are handled at the state level. The State of Texas investigates and punishes individuals who are charged with possession, distribution, or intent to distribute a controlled substance. However, the federal government will get involved when an ongoing operation or criminal enterprise involving multiple parties is suspected.

The uninformed or naive, whose loved ones engage in questionable endeavors to support the family, are at high risk of being criminally charged under the RICO Act. The law makes it easy to sweep a non-participant in as a conspirator because of the way conspiracy is defined. The government chose such a broad definition because it considers many, united in an enterprise to commit a crime, as being more dangerous to society than one person acting alone.

An implicit agreement to commit an offense, possessing, selling, or distributing can make you criminally responsible as a party or co-conspirator. You will need an attorney to aggressively fight against the Government for your freedom.

You could be convicted and face prison time simply for conspiring to traffic in narcotics, or if the government “thinks” you were.

You’ll need an attorney on your side if you were caught in a federal drug net. To contact Paul, call 281-346-4351 or send a discreet message.

Understanding Drug Conspiracy Convictions

Federal conspiracy charges carry their own penalties and aren’t rolled into a drug possession/trafficking offense. This form of drug offense carries its own stiff fines and harsh penalties. You’ll need a lawyer.

Federal penalties for drug conspiracy are set forth in 21 USC § 841- §960, and §963. §841 prohibits the manufacture, distribution or possession with intent to distribute controlled substances. The other sections prohibit conspiracies, importing, exporting, or attempts to import and export illegal or controlled substances.

In addition to a lengthy federal penitentiary sentence, a conviction will carry stiff fines and/or asset forfeitures. Fines begin at $250,000 and a five-year prison term for an individual and $500,000 for a criminal organization. Collateral offenses to compliment the conspiracy will add to the sentence.

Experienced Drug Conspiracy Lawyers Matter- Know Your Options, Call Attorney Paul Morgan

The odds are against you when facing a foe, the likes of the United States of America. They have unlimited resources. They have the ability to manufacture convictions. They have everything. Your best option, when faced with such a dire situation, is to fight back.

That’s what I do. I’m Paul Morgan, an aggressive criminal defense lawyer.

To change this grave picture to “may the odds be ever in your favor,” the best next state is to contact attorney Paul Morgan, a fiercely dedicated defense lawyer who understands the federal procedure and is undaunted by the odds. Call 281-346-4351 or email the firm for initial consultations.