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Your Winning Defense Against White Collar Crime Charges

The term white collar crime was first coined in 1939 to indicate a theft or fraud committed by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of their occupation. These are crimes involving larceny, embezzlement, stolen property, theft, fraud and deceit, and counterfeit money.

The Enron scandal hit home for many in Houston, and represents one of the most far-reaching white collar criminal schemes in recent history.

The prosecution of white collar crimes is one of the darlings of the U.S. Attorney’s Offices. Your defenses against the onslaught of charges brought by the federal prosecutor are often far stronger than you might think, but you shouldn’t feel as if you’re backed into a corner.

I’m attorney Paul Morgan and I can help you. If you’re facing criminal charges for embezzlement, wire or mail fraud, counterfeiting, or health care fraud, contact my office directly at 281-346-4351. All conversations are 100% confidential.

White Collar Crimes

The umbrella of white collar crimes covers a slew of offenses, both major and minor. You’ll find detailed overviews of white collar crimes like bank fraud, wire and mail fraud, health care fraud, and counterfeiting throughout our website.

Other activities that the federal government prosecutes as white collar crimes – or components of white collar crimes – include the falsification of financial documents, income tax evasion, pubic corruption and Ponzi schemes.

Bad judgment, sloppy business practices and honest mistakes can create a crisis and invite criminal charges when failed businesses cause large losses to investors. Acrimony and audits lead to harsh allegations of wrongdoing and suspicion abounds. In the midst of the confusion and deteriorating relationships, the entrance of the federal government and criminal charges for white collar crimes will only add insult to injury.

If you reside or conduct business in the Houston area, and you need to consult with a lawyer for legal advice, call on attorney Paul Morgan by phone at 281-346-4351.

Criminal Penalties

Criminal sanctions for white collar crimes can carry federal prison sentences of 20, 30, 40 or 99 years. Fines can be greater than the financial gain that the accused is alleged to have received. This is especially true if restitution for counterfeit goods or bilked retirement of life savings of the elderly can be proved. Federal sentencing guidelines permit collateral offenses to be added to base penalties but, if the defendant offers and completes restitution, the most severe of penalties may be avoided.

There are also moral penalties to consider. Damage to your name and the impact on your family, loved ones, business partners and associates with whom you have built your reputation, will also be damaged. By teaming up with a competent attorney like Paul Morgan, your exposure to damages can and will be limited.

Contact Attorney Paul Morgan For Counsel and Initial Consultations

If you think you’re subject to a criminal investigation for any of the white collar crimes discussed on our website, or if you’re already facing prosecution in federal court, you’ll need experienced legal counsel immediately.

I understand the importance of being attentive to detail.

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