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Attorney Paul Morgan Provides Defense Against Theft Charges

No matter how minimal the incident may seem, persons accused of theft-related criminal offenses should always consult with an experienced defense lawyer to learn more about their options to fight the charge. I’m attorney Paul Morgan. I am board certified in criminal law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. I can help with your case.

A conviction for a theft-related offense can and will follow you around for the rest of your life. Such a criminal history appearing during background checks will have negative impacts on your ability to secure gainful employment and even to acquire some professional licenses and certifications. If you need to talk with a criminal defense lawyer in Houston who has experience defending individuals accused of crimes that involve theft, call me at 281-346-4351.

I’m Paul Morgan. I’ll personally work with you to develop a strategy for your case.

Fighting Theft Charges To Keep Your Background Clean.

Theft cases are particularly bad for numerous reasons.

The main reason; they call into question the moral character of the accused. As previously stated; If convicted, a theft or burglary offense can make it difficult to find employment, take advantage of certain careers, move forward in your current job and continue your education with some institutions of higher learning.

If you’re the subject of a theft accusation in Houston, don’t enter into any form of guilty plea without first consulting with a lawyer who has experience defending individuals charged with theft-related offenses.

Theft charges can be successfully challenged in most cases, where, if the challenge is successful, should result in the dismissal of the case by the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. Although every case is different and no guarantees can be made, criminal charges usually don’t get dismissed in the absence of a challenge by a defense lawyer. I’m attorney Paul Morgan and I “work” for my clients. If you need my help, call me at 281-346-4351.

Theft Defense

Paul Morgan Law Office, PLLC, is not a plea-bargain law firm.

I’m willing to fight the state of Texas in a full jury trial if I believe we can win. Almost all cases are winnable, but some defendants prefer to plea-out as a convenience. I recommend not taking such a position. If you would like to schedule a case evaluation with me, call me. I’m attorney Paul Morgan, and you can reach me at 281-346-4351.

What Are The Criminal Penalties For Theft In Texas?

In Texas, a person convicted of a theft-related offense will be sentenced by guidelines that are determined by the value deprived of the owner of the property in question. The table below illustrates the Texas sentencing guidelines for theft convictions. Keep in mind that factors such as burgling a habitation or other aggravating factors could result in an enhancement of the criminal classification applied to the charge will impact the corresponding sentencing guidelines.

Looking For Options To Fight A Theft Charge?

Attorney Paul Morgan knows what it can mean to be accused of stealing, to have made a mistake and to be falsely accused. If you want to defend yourself, it’s essential to secure legal representation immediately.

The Paul Morgan Law Office, PLLC, has a wealth of experience defending people accused of both misdemeanor and felony criminal offenses related to theft. If you’re serious about fighting your theft charge, Paul is among your best options for legal counsel in Houston.

Call 281-346-4351 or email the firm to schedule your initial consultation.