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Arrested For Heroin Possession In Houston? You Need Strong Criminal Defense.

Houston area law enforcement agencies are on the lookout for drug offenses involving heroin as opiates are becoming increasingly popular among experimenting teens, former medical patients, and habitual drug offenders.

If you’re arrested for the possession of Heroin, Texas law mandates a State Jail Felony classification at minimum, which can destroy your career, cost you your freedom, and result in a multiyear prison sentence.

I’m attorney Paul Morgan, a proven Houston drug lawyer with experience defending people entangled with heroin and opiate cases. I’m available to schedule a meeting with you to hear your account of the incident. I’ll be honest with you about your chances to avoid a conviction, and, as your legal counsel, I’ll conduct an investigation into whether or not your rights were violated, which could spur a case dismissal. To contact me, call my office at 281-346-4351.

Heroin Possession & Texas Law

Heroin, or diamorphine to be formal, is classified as a dangerous drug per the Texas Health and Safety Code. Due to this classification, any drug offense involving any amount of heroin will be classified as a felony offense. Even trace amounts of the drug can result in a State Jail Felony, which is punishable by a state jail sentence that ranges from six months to two years.

For persons convicted for being in possession of more than 1 gram of heroin, but less and 4, they’ll be charged with a Third-Degree Felony, which allows a maximum sentence of 10 years.

For defendants charged in connection with over 4 grams of the drug, but less than 200, Second-Degree Felony charges will apply, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years. Defendants arrested for the possession of 200 grams of heroin or more could face an effective life sentence with fines than can approach 100k.

The table below offers a visual depiction of the way the state of Texas classifies heroin possession cases with consideration to the quantity of the drug involved with the offender’s cases.

Quantity Criminal Classification Penalty Max. Fine
Less than 1g State Jail Felony 180D to 2YR State Jail $10,000.00
1 to 4g 3rd Degree Felony 2-10YR TDCJ $10,000.00
4 to 200g 2nd Degree Felony 2-20YR TDCJ $10,000.00
200 to 400g 1st Degree Felony 5-99YR TDCJ $50,000.00
400g & Over 1st Degree Felony 10-99YR TDCJ $100,000.00

Heroin-related Houston drug cases must be taken seriously as the Harris County District Attorney’s Office will fight to secure a conviction. Attorney Paul Morgan will fight for you. As a capable criminal defense lawyer, he knows exactly what to look for when fighting for case dismissals and acquittals for our clients.

Arrested For Heroin Possession In Houston? Put Attorney Paul Morgan In Your Corner

Paul Morgan Law Office, PLLC, isn’t the type of law firm that attempts to mass produce results for more clients than it can effectively provide legal representation for.

Instead of operating in the fashion of a plea-bargain law firm, he takes the time to investigate the accounts of defendants against the claims of the arresting or investigating officers, against the evidence or lack thereof. If he can find a way out for you, you’ll be the first to know.

Paul Morgan Law Office, PLLC, provides effective, affordable legal representation and thorough case reviews, and has received numerous positive reviews from current and former clients.

If you’re looking for a serious lawyer for a serious drug possession case, call me 281-346-4351 or send me a message via contact form.