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Facing Robbery Charges In Houston?

Houston criminal cases which involve robberies rarely make the news, but are occurring at an alarming rate. The Houston Police Department is cracking down on suspected robbers, but they’re prone to mistakes during their arrest of suspects. Perhaps you or your beloved family have been accused of a robbery. If so, the penalties for a felony offense are serious if convicted.

I can effectively fight the prosecution of individuals accused of committing a robbery offense. If you are in need of legal advice for a criminal matter, call my office at 281-346-4351. I’m Attorney Paul Morgan, an experienced criminal defense lawyer here in Houston. If you prefer to send me a discreet message, use the form on the contact page.

The Definition Of Robbery & Texas Law

Robbery and Aggravated Robbery are both felony offenses under Texas law.  To be found guilty of robbery, prosecutors must prove beyond a reasonable doubt, that while the defendant was taking someone’s property they recklessly, knowingly, or intentionally caused harm to the victim or threatened to do so.

Aggravated Robberies

Robbery charges can be enhanced to aggravated robbery if the prosecutor can show that the defendant either intended or used a deadly weapon and/or the victim was in fear of being harmed or killed. If the victim was 65 years old or older, a child, or if the victim was mentally, physically, or developmentally disabled in some way, a defendant can expect their case to be enhanced.

Example: Robberies Versus Aggravated Robberies

Jerry approaches Tom and pushes a finger into Tom’s back and says he has a weapon so Tom better give him all his money, this would simply be a robbery.

Tom feared he would be hurt if he did not give Jerry all his money. However, if Jerry actually did have a weapon or if Tom got hurt, Jerry’s crime would be enhanced to aggravated robbery.

Robbery Penalties

Second Degree Felony

Robbery is a Second Degree Felony in Texas.  If found guilty in the court of law the defendant will face anywhere from 2-to-20 years in a TDCJ operated prison facility and a fine of up to $10,000.

First Degree Felony

If the defendant was charged with Aggravated Robbery the case will be classified as a 1st Degree Felony.  If convicted, defendant will face prison sentencing ranging from five to 99 years in a TDCJ operated prison facility in addition to a fine of up to 10,000.00 along with being responsible for a fine up to $10,000.

Over-Charged With Aggravated Robbery? Call Houston Lawyer Paul Morgan, A Dedicated Professional

I have experience litigating robbery cases. I know they are complex charges with many moving parts. For an attorney to be successful representing defendants charged with these type of criminal cases, a lot of work and a deep knowledge of the law and criminal case precedent are required.

As an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Houston, I’ve had a number of successes defending individuals accused of felony theft offenses which include robberies and home invasions. If you need to schedule a consultation with me, at which time I’ll review your case at no charge, call me at 281-346-4351 or email the firm today.