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Reviews From Our Clients


  • #1 Lawyer in Houston Paul Morgan is the number one lawyer in Houston in my eyes. He helped my boyfriend with his three cases that another lawyer had and did nothing. The state was talking so much trash today when he had a court saying that my boyfriend/ husband should do a minimum of 18 yrs. but no Paul got it reduced and his probation back. She was mad that our lawyer won the case and we were satisfied with the outcome. She was just running her mouth but as soon as Paul came back into the courtroom a whole different story. Meaning she did not say a word cause Mr. Morgan won our case!!! Yay to Paul Morgan he is the best and I would recommend him to anybody. He is loving and caring person and has helped us put so much. That’s why I show him so much respect and tell people about him cause he gets his job done!! now I am just counting down on the days that my husband comes home because I miss him so much!!! Thank you, Paul, for everything you have done for us and we will always keep in touch no matter what. Love you, Paul.– Stephanie (5-star review)


  • Paul Morgan; The most heartfelt lawyer in Houston. Paul took my case after another attorney by the name of Jon P. Thomas was on my case that he did nothing for me and treated me like a wasted space on earth, Mr. Morgan, cleaned up all of Mr. Thomas mistakes and I went from almost suicide to a new life. Paul and his team took me from 30 years to 2 years with the dedicated skill and hard work of not only a lawyer but a friend to Morgan saved my life and for that I’m thankful, and I highly recommend him if you are in a position where you feel like your cards are against you! Thank you so much, Mr. Morgan, for all your hard work and dedication!!!!! Your friend joseph.– Joseph (5-star review)


  • Almost Gave Up When I met Paul my other half was incarcerated in the county and he already had a free world lawyer who basically did nothing. It was two weeks before his court date that the current lawyer had set for trial and 8 months of being the county with a lawyer that never returned a phone call, not once visited him before any court date and who would show up around 11:30 for court every single court date. I’m sorry but court starts at 9 am. So as you can see being set for trial and not even knowing what defense your lawyer is gonna take can be mind-blowing and make you a Lil crazy. So meeting Paul when I did couldn’t have come at a better time. He listened to him and he actually visited him every day the week before the next court date. My other half was looking at 225 to life cases due to the fact that they wanted to enhance his punishments for previous felony charges. Not only did Paul do everything he said he would but he works for a great firm that backed him up 100%. To ask if I would refer Paul YES I would and have. He turned a horrible situation into a walk in the park. He’s truly a blessing!– Bonnie (5-star review)


  • A Light At The End of The Tunnel Words cant even remotely begin to describe the absolute beauty of this man’s soul! He gave me hope when my world came crashing down and unlike any other attorney I have ever encountered before, he didn’t do it out of greed! I honestly never thought that I would ever meet someone this real but, I realize now that there are good people left in the world. I love you, Paul Morgan. Thank you, sir, for being you because without your guidance and dedication I would have lost everything!. With you, by my side, I feel truly blessed! I mean that.– Jenna (5-star review)


  • Saving Grace Paul was a great breeze of fresh air. My son had an attorney that was THE WORST! Then we found Paul who was very kind, caring and all in. As a mother, I could not have asked for anyone more attentive to our needs. He was always reassuring and made me and my family regain our faith in lawyers. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone.– Terri (5-star review)


  • The Worst Is Over My Husband faced life in Prison, He wanted to just give up on life… it was the worst time in our marriage that we had faced. My Husband hired Paul Morgan and right away things were better!! Paul genuinely concerned immediately called me to let me know that only positive things were going to be in the path for my husband. Mr. Morgan reassuring me help is here and he’s on board for the duration.
    Instead of living in prison, Paul was able to miraculously receive 7 short. Years….he will serve no more than 2 years.Paul Morgan. saved my husband’s life and our marriage.You have blessed us! We thank u and recommend you with high regards!!!!!

    – Laurie and Paul (5-star review)

  • Paul Got The Job Done! Paul was hired by my boyfriend and me to help with my case, after being screwed by a previous lawyer. Paul remained professional at all times. Even when joking lol. But I could go on and on he was more than our lawyer he was also a friend in a hard time in therapist in even harder times!! Thanks again, Paul!!!– Diamond Texada (5-star review)


  • Above and Beyond Even with his full caseload, this man answered all my questions and concerns as they presented them selfs. He is very professional, intelligent and genuinely has concerns for his clients. I can’t put into words my appreciation for all his hard work and his cool head even when mine was not. I am positive anyone that hires him will be pleased with his performance. Thank you, Mr. Morgan.– A client (5-star review)


  • Honest Lawyer For a Change I hired Paul to represent me in two separate cases. The first was a felony case which I was very concerned about as I did not want this on my permanent record, he was able to get it reduced to a misdemeanor. The second case was for a violation of probation and after the judge threatened with jail time Paul worked hard and was able to get my probation reinstated with no further punishment. He is honest with what your outcomes could be there is never a time when he tells you anything you want to hear, he tells you what can be done and what your options are. I personally appreciate his straight forward and honest approach.– Fernando (5-star review)


  • The Best in Houston He has been the most professional, reliable lawyer I’ve ever dealt with. He got my felony charge dropped, and has worked with me every step of the way. I will recommend him to anybody, including family.– Garrett (5-star review)


  • Not Guilty I don’t know if any other lawyer could have done what Paul did with my DWI case. Despite the judge denying every motion to dismiss, and my case going to trial, he was able to convince the jury I was innocent. I have a clean record because of Paul! I would recommend or use him again any day.– Michelle (5-star review)


  • Great Lawyer Paul Morgan has helped my family and friends on several occasions. I can’t thank him enough, he was there through each step of the way. He made sure we had up to date information on each case. He was always available to meet if we had any questions about the case. I totally recommend him, he does good work! Thank you, Paul, for everything you have done for my family and me.– Isa (5-star review)


  • A True Blessing! I met Paul Morgan in the courtroom after watching him get a kid’s case dismissed over the way the cops treated him. Just the way he fought for that guy’s rights made me want him as a lawyer. I had a public “pretender” at the time who was pressuring me into signing a fifteen-year deal as habitual, she wouldn’t even entertain the thought I was innocent because of my record. I asked Mr. Morgan for a card and he asked if I needed help. He had other clients to handle, but true to his word he came to talk to me when his other business was handled. I had been waiting for my court-appointed for 3 hours. I explained my case to him and later that same night he texted me to let me know I would be ok and said he thought a trial would be the best option. Not only did he tell me this, but he also didn’t question my innocence because of my past and focused on the facts of my case. He had a few other clients I met in the courtroom and he treated us all with the same diligence, regardless if he was trying to get a good deal because they were guilty, or defending them because they were innocent or treated wrong. He’s one of the few genuinely good people I’ve met in a courthouse. My case was dismissed before trial.. big difference than 15 years. I highly recommend this lawyer to anybody in trouble. He is a true blessing to myself and my family– Renee Boyd (5-star review)


  • Simply Amazing Paul is not only extremely professional but kind. He holds your hand through the whole process and has a strong grasp on the system so rest assured, you will feel safe in his hands. My family and I have used him for many years and will continue to trump his skills to everyone who will listen that he is personally involved and detail-oriented in each and every corner of your case. Look no further. This is your guy. Thank you for everything, Paul!!!!!!– Mindy (5-star review)


  • Your Future Will Be In Good Hands With This Guy! I hired Paul in March of 2016 with three different cases pending. He held my hand through the entire process, ensured that I understood everything and got me the best results possible. In my opinion, he is the absolute best.– anonymous (5-star review)


  • He’s a SuperHero!! Paul is AMAZING!! VERY honest; NEVER promised me anything he couldn’t do. My husband was facing three third-degree felonies with a 25-year sentence. Paul got him three years and the treatment he needed for his bipolar disorder!!I gave him the name Cut-Throat because he will go over and beyond to fight for justice for you/your loved one. His fees are very reasonable. He always kept in contact with me (call/text) day/night. Even when I just needed him to listen, he listened to me whine about the unfairness of the judicial and penal system/me missing my husband. I’d recommend Paul to everyone who wants a trustworthy attorney.When you walk into his office you’ll see another attorney’s degree on the wall. Why? He’s so “good”, he won the other attorney’s degree in a lawsuit.Paul “Cut-Throat” Morgan!! Check him out!!– Patricia (5-star review)


  • Warrior Paul is one of the most intense people I know. When that intensity is focused on your case, you are incredibly lucky. I trust Paul with my own fate and would trust him with that of my children.– Dianna (5-star review)


  • GREAT! Paul not only has chosen a profession that deals with conflict, but he also works within a system that resolves conflicts and finds “truth,” through an adversarial process. In such a process, effectiveness as a human being requires grounding in civility, respectful communication, comfort in relationship, industry competence and emotional intelligence. Effectiveness in any profession Paul is enhanced by one’s own professional development and maturity, integrity, competence and the capacity to understand and collaborate with others. I have had an opportunity to get to know Paul and find that he would be an asset to any organization, entity or cause.– Michael Bodey (5-star review)


  • Best Damn Attorney Talk about hands-on…..this man ate, slept and breathed my husband’s case. He was always on top of it and he still continues to be a wonderful friend of ours. He was the frontrunner on a citywide breaking news case when he represented us. If not for his thoroughness with everything my husband would be sitting in prison. Facing a 25 to life sentence is no fun, but Paul made it a lot easier for our family to face head-on in court. I owe him my life.– Heidi (5-star review)


  • Great Trial Attorney Paul Morgan is not afraid to take your case to trial if that is what is in your best interest. He will fight for you every step of the way and he genuinely cares about each of his clients.– anonymous (5-star review)