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Tips on choosing a defense attorney

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2021 | Criminal defense

Hiring a good defense attorney in Texas could mean the difference between having your charges dismissed or spending time in jail or in prison. Many people have misconceptions about attorneys that could lead them to choose the wrong person for their trial. Here’s some tips on choosing a good defense attorney.

How do you choose a good defense attorney?

Contrary to popular belief, the most expensive attorney isn’t necessarily the best one. Some attorneys charge more simply because they work in a high-income area. Instead of focusing on the price, focus on the attorney’s credentials and what they could do for your case.

Many people don’t realize that they can interview multiple attorneys before they make their decision. You don’t have to go with the first attorney that you call. Instead, you can talk to different attorneys and see what they could do for your criminal defense case.

If possible, talk to your friends and family members to see if they can recommend anyone. They might have worked with an attorney in the past that helped them win an important case. If you don’t know anyone who’s been involved in a trial, try searching for attorneys online. However, don’t assume that the attorneys at the top of the search results are the best in their field. They might have invested a lot of money into marketing, but that doesn’t mean that they have the most legal experience.

Do you need an attorney to handle your case?

Some people try to avoid paying for an attorney by representing themselves. However, the law is much more complicated than many people realize. A simple technicality could cause you to lose the case, which is a mistake that an attorney could have prevented.

An attorney could use their knowledge to prepare the best possible defense for your case. They could deal with just about every criminal charge on the books, including theft, assault, robbery, drug trafficking, fraud, driving under the influence, domestic violence and other charges. An attorney could also help people with prior convictions on their record.